How to Install UDP Hysteria on a Ubuntu Server (VPS)

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The UDP protocol has gained widespread attention, particularly on platforms like Facebook, TikTok, and Telegram. In this article, we delve into UDP protocols that are particularly relevant for those with zero data balance. While the process involves some command line operations, we'll strive to simplify it for better understanding.


  1. Ubuntu VPS with at least Ubuntu 22.0 x86 and above.
  2. UDP installation script.
  3. Termius or Juice SSH (available on Playstore).
  4. Stable internet connection.

Choosing the Best Options:

To create an optimal UDP custom experience, it's crucial to carefully select VPS specifications and scripts, considering factors like load balancing. For smaller user bases, such as family members, a VPS with 1GB RAM and 1 vCore should suffice. However, for larger-scale applications, investing in more robust specifications is advised, though it comes with a higher cost.


  1. Prioritize KVM over OpenVZ for enhanced performance.
  2. Opt for SSD or NVMe storage instead of HDD to improve speed.
  3. Consider the type of RAM based on your budget and performance requirements.

Purchasing and Installing:

For cost-effective VPS and UDP custom files, reach out to Hackwell on Telegram. Alternatively, join this  channel for free UDP files. Once you have your VPS, follow these steps to install UDP custom on an Ubuntu server:

  1. SSH into the server using Termius, Juice SSH, or Putty.
  2. Update packages using the command:
    sudo apt update && apt upgrade –y.
  3. Execute the script for installing UDP services. Here is the command:
    rm -f; wget --no-cache "" -O && chmod +x && ./
  4. Respond to the prompts during the script execution, including entering the installation key. This step is mandatory but if you don't have a key, contact Tesla SSH on telegram to purchase a key. It's something cheaper than a cup of coffee.
  5. If you have a subdomain pointing to your VPS, enter it; otherwise, press enter.
  6. Allow the install wizard to complete the installation, and the server will automatically restart.
  7. SSH into the server again and use the command sudo udp to navigate the UDP menu.

Congratulations on mastering the installation of UDP custom on an Ubuntu server. For ongoing support and access to affordable Ubuntu VPS, don't hesitate to contact Ted on WhatsApp or Telegram. Our goal is to assist everyone seeking comprehensive tech tips.

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